General manager practice Inamori Kazuo philosophy

General manager practice Inamori Kazuo philosophy:
My name is Quan Yue, the founder of Aligned Machinery.
We are committed to the development, design, manufacture and sales of pharmaceutical equipment and total solutions to revolutionize the traditional and create the future of new ways of medicine.
The company has been founded for 16 years,Many employees have accompanied the company from the beginning to the present. Our brand is the consistent choice of hundreds of pharmaceutical enterprises in nearly 100 countries around the world. Through the understanding of Aligned Machinery, you can know:
1. How a young man grew into a professional in the field of pharmaceutical equipment.
2.How to become the first in China in ODF field from only a dream..
3. How a group of young people through their own efforts to engage in this industry for 20 years of customers in the letter of praise to write down moved.
Please see my story to share the details:
Ten reasons to make your employees happy:
1. Let employees feel at ease, rest assured, find their own specialty of work, work stability.
2. To make employees excellent and obtain wealth while proving their ability.
3. Let employees make progress a little bit every day, continue to learn, improve, grow, not lag behind, increase income, promotion channels.
4. Let employees do not tangle, self-support, setbacks have guidance, in case of difficulties have a process, progress has recognition.
5. Make employees valuable and needed by the team and customers.
6. Let employees can support the elderly, can take care of children, live and work in peace and contentment.
7. Let employees in front of classmates and friends, quality, noble character and be respected.
8. Let employees become professionals, recognized by colleagues, bosses, customers, and most importantly, recognized by themselves, with confidence.
9. Let employees contribute to the society, help others and feel happy.
10. Let employees clear life goals, industry success, do not waste this life.
Story: After learning the success equation, I preached values to the after-sales team. Vision within 0 points accept, 20 points satisfied, 50 points moved, 100 points respect also preach, and join the form of after-sales comments.
Of course, I also trained on after-sales process, matters needing attention and red line.
After 4 batches of sales, I went to the manufacturer to debug the machine, and received customer feedback constantly, which was well received.
"Your team is the most professional we've seen in 20 years," one client praised.
Every customer is very proactive. When our operator is not on site, your after-sales staff will come to him and not only train him, but also tell him to take notes, take pictures and give him hand to hand instructions.
I was moved by this sense of responsibility.
Similarly, I am very moved to receive such praise. There are no unsuccessful employees, only leaders who do not work hard.
We believe that after learning the experience of Mr. Inamori Kazuo, through continuous practice, we can build a stronger and more excellent team.
I am looking forward to your comments.