A letter to all employees


Hello everyone,this is Porlain Quan. Today, I am inspired by the deeds of Mr. Lu Jianguang. Therefore I eager to share with all of you.

On Monday afternoon, The administration of Aligned Technology attended the management course in the conference room.

In order to practice, the teacher assigned four thinking assignments. It is required to hand in his homework before 12:00 on Tuesday. As Mr. Lu Jianguang said, he has two major challenges:  writing mindset and literal expression. He could have chosen to cope his homework due to his own objective situation, but he took the initiative to find me and ask me: how to write? Through our communication and guidance, Jianguang has opened his mind. But there is another problem left: he can speak the meaning, and can't write the words.

However, he didn't give up. Finally he found words by consulting his mobile phone and then write them down. Generally, it is easy for someone else to express and write, but for him, words like a heavy burden.

Q: what is the original intention of work?

A: make money and support my family

Q: what else? What's the purpose to make money? The initial intention is the value of life. What is the purpose of life?

A: make more money for children.

Q: children have no virtue. What's the use of keeping money? Children have virtue. What's the purpose of keeping money. We want our children to be useful to society

Conclusion: grow up with the team and strive for progress.

Via the short converstaion in 20 minutes, the whole process made me touched. What I saw were: The meticulous treatment of tasks, the fighter's self-improvement, never leave himself as he is with high motivation to make progress, and the high standard executor's spirit of not being discouraged, not being a deserter and moving forward bravely. This spirit is inspiring and warm.

Lu Jianguang's seemingly insignificant deeds interpret the spirit of Aligned Tech.

Herein, I salute Mr. Lu Jianguang with my great respect and also call on all management and employees to observe the advanced deeds carefully to convey the positive and upward values of Aligned Tech.

Best regards&Sincerely