Aligned engineering team returned home safely and triumphantly


February 8, 2022 to June 28, 2022.

After more than four months of life in Africa, Aligned engineering team returned home safely and triumphantly.

They returned to the embrace of the motherland and to the big family of Aligned.

How did the Aligned engineering team move forward in the face of adversity and sail against the current, working in Africa for four months when the epidemic was not promising?

01 Why stay for four months

Before going to Tanzania, the engineering team was scheduled to stay for two months to help two Tanzanian customers to complete the installation, commissioning, and training of equipment for the solid dosage line and liquid line projects. At the first plant, the team’s work progressed smoothly as planned, completing the installation and commissioning of all the equipment in just 15 days, and using the remaining time to train the dockers on how to operate the equipment and how to maintain it to ensure maximum service life. During this period, the engineering team also used their free time to attend a pharmaceutical exhibition in Tanzania. When we went to the second pharmaceutical factory, because of the unclear docking communication, coupled with the delay in the construction of the articulated purification workshop, the pharmaceutical customer was late in preparing the preliminary work, especially the ground is not ready, resulting in the equipment in place and installation can not progress, although the customer only delivered the original 20 days of remuneration, However, the engineering team still hold their position and worked tirelessly with the customer’s work plan until the project to customer satisfaction before leaving, thus staying in Tanzania for more than one and a half months.

02 Conscientious, responsible and dedicated

“Be patient and professional in the face of customers”, the masters of the engineering team always emphasize this phrase with everyone in their daily work. In normal days, they are down-to-earth, and constantly improve their professional skills through various training; in critical moments they never drop the chain, and face the customer to practically achieve the customer first. In the New Year of the previous year, the Tanzanian customer had a maintenance problem with the equipment, they did not think too much about simply packing things, and then rushed to Tanzania. So it was a family reunion on New Year’s Eve, but they stayed in Tanzania hastily after the New Year, but even so they have no complaints. On the contrary, they said that customers buy machines from you is to our trust, we also have to do whenever we are responsible for them. The after-sales department is mainly responsible for replacing spare parts, providing customers with information and instructions, and going out for installation and commissioning of equipment. Such a boring job, but the masters of the engineering team are always in no hurry, pay attention to any details when debugging, and always pursue perfect excellence. It is this serious and responsible attitude that has made many customers praise Aligned as the most serious and professional team they have ever seen.

03 Achievement of customers, achievement of the most beautiful retrograde

At the beginning of the epidemic, there were volunteers who rushed to Wuhan, and at the time of flooding everywhere, there were firefighters who stepped forward to rescue. I think the Aligned engineering team is also the most beautiful backwalkers, they have their own families, their own concerns but still willing to go into danger. In fact, their road back home is very bumpy, there are only three routes from Africa to China, and only one flight every three days, so buying tickets became the biggest problem.

From the beginning of April to the beginning of May, we kept contacting embassies and various ticket agents, and we were still on the official websites of major airlines at 12:00 am to grab tickets, but tickets were still hard to find.

In the middle of May, we spent a lot of money through an intermediary and successfully purchased tickets to return home, but the flight the engineering team was on was oversold and the passengers were “reduced” before boarding.

At the end of May, the team managed to buy expensive tickets to return home for the third time, but as fate would have it, the nucleic acid reports they took before boarding the plane were all positive, meaning that during the two months they waited, all three of the team were infected with New Crown!

After many twists and turns, at the beginning of June this year, the engineering team succeeded in buying tickets to return to China for the fourth time, but only landed in Hong Kong, but then only 200 people could return to the mainland from Hong Kong every day. And Master Tang’s son this year happens to face the secondary school exams, as a father, but he was not able to take good care of his son; and the other two masters of the engineering team home young children can only see their own father through the video. “Achievement of customers”, Aligned physically in the interpretation of their own philosophy.

This may seem like a simple matter of whether to send our own technical staff abroad to help, but what lies behind it is corporate credit. In this environment where the epidemic is sweeping the world, we could have chosen to settle for comfort, but imagine if every company is like this, is there any hope for the pharmaceutical industry? And where should the reputation of Chinese people in business be placed internationally? Therefore, even if Aligned is faced with the general environment, we also prefer to “know that we can not do it”, to “must”, to “firm”.

04 Chinese companies’ practices under the epidemic

The last few years have been difficult for most businesses. Week after week of epidemics and disasters. The uncertainty created by today’s epidemic is turning into an ongoing crisis. For companies, there is no doubt that they all have to go through a big test of winter. But from another perspective, the epidemic is also an opportunity to realize that “the epidemic is an opportunity for business growth”, as the saying goes, “the sword is sharpened and the plum blossom comes from the bitter cold”. We will remain firm in our original intention, and continue to be firm in our development philosophy – achievement of customers, achievement of employees, and help the great rejuvenation of Chinese national pharmaceuticals.

Life is like an iron station, the more it is beaten, the more it can send out sparks.

We believe that the Aligned team can still create brilliance under the epidemic.