What role does CBD play in the field of pet products?

1. What is CBD?
CBD (ie cannabidiol) is the main non-psychiatric component of cannabis. CBD has a variety of pharmacological effects, including anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, antiemetic and anti-inflammatory properties. According to reports retrieved by Web of Science, Scielo and Medline and multiple studies, CBD is non-toxic in non-transformed cells, does not induce changes in food intake, does not induce systemic stiffness, and does not affect physiological parameters (heart rate, blood pressure) And body temperature), will not affect the transport of the gastrointestinal tract and will not change the mental movement or mental function.
2. The positive effects of CBD
CBD can not only effectively solve the pet's physical illness, but also effectively solve the pet's mental illness; at the same time, it is also very effective in solving the pet owner's annoying feelings about the pet's illness.
2.1 About CBD to solve the physiological diseases of pets:
With the increase in global pet ownership and the preference of pet owners in pet spending, the CBD boom combined with the pet supplies industry has become a rapidly growing market. I believe most owners have a deep understanding. At the same time, fever, loss of appetite, headaches, respiratory diseases, even paralysis and cancer are not rare phenomena for pets. The efficacy of CBD is playing a powerful role in solving the above problems. The following are representative cases:
Dr. Priya Bhatt, former president of the Chicago Veterinary Association, said: Pets often experience anxiety, fear, fever, loss of appetite, headache, inflammation and respiratory diseases, and even paralysis and cancer. The use of CBD can relieve symptoms and symptoms. Pressure allows the Mao children to live a good life in a healthy and peaceful state.
The dog Kelly Cayley's condition has been significantly improved after using CBD: Six-year-old Labrador Cayley lives with his owner Brett in Oxfordshire, England. Brett found that Cayley’s legs were very stiff and sometimes accompanied by pain. The doctor determined that Cayley had arthritis, so he decided to give Cayley 20 mg of CBD daily. During the course of use, no side effects and other symptoms were observed, and Cayley's leg flexibility was greatly improved.
2.2 About CBD to solve the mental illness of pets:
I don’t know if the pet owner has noticed that leaving the pet alone at home will cause more anxiety. According to survey statistics, 65.7% of pet owners find that CBD can relieve pets’ anxiety; 49.1% of pet owners find that CBD can improve pets’ mobility; 47.3% of pet owners find that CBD can improve pets’ sleep; 36.1% of pet owners find that CBD can improve pets’ sleep It was found that CBD can reduce pets' barking and howling. The following are representative cases:
"Manny is a 35-year-old clerk who has a pet dog Maxie. Maxie was left alone at home when he was at work. At the end of last year, Manny heard that CBD can improve pet anxiety. So he learned from a local pet The specialty store bought a bottle of CBD tincture and put 5mg in Maxie’s food every day. Three months later, he found that when he came back from work, Maxie was not as anxious as before. He seemed calm, and the neighbors no longer complained about Maxie’s. Wailing." (From a real case from Pet Parent Profiles)
Nick has a pet dog, Nathan, for 4 years. After marriage, his wife brought a pet cat. Pet cats and pet dogs often attack and bark at each other. The vet recommended CBD to Nick and explained some research. Nick bought some CBD pet food from the Internet and fed it to pet cats and dogs. A month later, Nick discovered that the aggression of the two pets towards each other was significantly reduced. (Selected from real cases of Pet Parent Profiles)
3. The application status and new development of CBD in China
According to historical data, China's pet products sector reached a market size of 170.8 billion yuan in 2018, with a growth rate of nearly 30%. It is expected that by 2021, the market size will reach 300 billion yuan. Among them, pet food (including staple food, snacks, and health products) reached a market size of 93.40 billion yuan in 2018, with a growth rate of 86.8%, which is a substantial increase from 2017. However, even with the rapid expansion of the pet products market in China, the application of CBD is still very few. This may be because pet owners are worried that these drugs are not safe, or there are not many in practice in China, and doctors do not. Will take medicine easily, or, CBD is not universal in the country, and the publicity is not enough. However, combined with the application situation of CBD in the world, once China opens the CBD (cannabidiol) pet food market, the market scale will be considerable, and Chinese pet owners and pets will benefit a lot from this!
According to the needs of the pet market, pharm script in the United States has invited Aligned-tec to develop a pet-specific oral disintegration film (CBD ODF: Oral Disintegration film). Pets absorb efficiently. Therefore, CBD ODF solves the problems of pet owners with feeding difficulties and inaccurate measurement, and has been widely praised by the market. This will also lead another upsurge in the field of pet products!
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