"Simply Talk About the Fragrance of Books" Birthday Reading Party

Reading all good books is like talking to the most brilliant people of the past. - Descartes

Last Thursday, we held the last birthday party of this year, "Talking About Books". The protagonists of this birthday party are all the birthday stars from July to December. Due to the separation of the office decoration, it has been postponed until now. , but it did not affect everyone's enthusiasm in the slightest. This time, we sincerely invite all of you to participate, and prepare a rich meal and experience the fragments of excellent books carefully selected for you by the birthday stars.
The following is a list of this "talking about books":
1. Jason——"The Classic of Mountains and Seas"
2. Angier————“Burning the Barn”
3. Billy————“Education Beyond the Family of Origin”
4. Leo————“The Elephant Sitting on the Floor”
5. Porlain————"But the East and the West"
6. Iris————"Three-Body Problem"