ALRJ Series Vacuum Mixing Emulsifier

ALRJ Series Vacuum Mixing Emulsifier

  • Model NO. ALRJ Series Vacuum Mixing Emulsifier
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Basic Information
Product Description

The vacuum emulsifier mixing machine suitable for emulsifying cream or cosmetic product in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, foodstuff and chemical industry.

This vacuum emulsifier mixing machine main consist of emulsified tank, tank to storage oil based material, tank to storage water based material, vacuum system, hydraulic system, and electric controller. The vacuum emulsifier mixing machine has following features: easy operation, compact structure, stable performance, good homogenization effect, high production benefit, convenient cleaning and maintenance, high automatic control.

Work Principle:

The vacuum emulsifier mixing machine including main emulsifying pot, water pot ,oil pot and work frame.
Usually the oil pot is used for dissolving some solid that the product can just only be dissolved into oil, then the dissolved solvent will be sucked into the emulsify pot by soft pipes.
Emulsify pot is used for emulsifying the products that suck from the oil pot and water pot.


1. The vacuum emulsifier mixing machine all pipelines and parameter are controlled automatically. And the electric appliance which are imported from foreign country, like Siemens, Schneider etc.

2. The vacuum emulsifier mixing machine is with CIP cleaning system, it make the cleaning to be easy and effective.

3. EThe vacuum emulsifier mixing machine adopts tertiary agitating system, and during the emulsification, the whole processing is under a vacuum environment, so it not only can eliminate spume which created in the emulsification processing ,but also can avoid the unnecessary pollution.

4. The homogenizer adopts the most advanced technology, it can get a ideal emulsifying effect. The speed of high emulsification is 0-3500r/min, the speed of low mixing is 0-65r/min.

5. When the upper cover of the emulsifying tank has risen, the stirring device could not work in order to injure the operator.

6.The low speed agitator uses the helical gear and with the unique design and the high accuracy processing, it can withstand torque and prolong the using life.

7.The vacuum emulsifier mixing machine use a new type mixing axes, the vacuum emulsifier mixing machine is easy to disassemble. When replace the damaged part just need to remove the screw. The sealing material is PTFE and gets the international pharmaceutical and foodstuff standard.

8.The high speed emulsification device adopts the method of adjustment balance calibration of mobile and stable in order to guarantee its remarkable emulsified effect and prolong the using life.

9.The vacuum emulsifier mixing machine adopts energy conservation pipeline when machine heated by electric, so the vacuum emulsifier mixing machine can prevent thermal from divulging and heated quickly. The vacuum emulsifier mixing machine with pressure safety device, The vacuum emulsifier mixing machine can mediate the pressure automatica when overpressure. All the jackets are equipped with glass sight so that is easy for observing the liquid position.

Technical parameters

ModelEffective CapacityEmulsifyAgitatorDimensionsTotal Power(kw)
kwr/minkwr/minLengthwidthweightMax H


ALRJ-20002000220-35007.50-40485043003600No lift46