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Projects Introduction

Aligned have kept a good cooperative relationship with GSL since 2011. In 2015, based on trust and brand recognition in Aligned, GSL began to communicate with us the idea of factory branch construction. He wanted to increase the output of original and ampoule products, and also wanted us to complete the key project.
At the beginning of 2016, GSL led his technical team to visit Aligned. During this trip, client saw that Aligned team had the ability to control the whole project. Pleased with our sincere attitude and professional solutions,GSL was at ease to deliver the project to Aligned after received our project proposal.
In 2016, client began to confirm orders and we start to arrange production in batches.
In 2017, Aligned delivered all equipment to the customer site.
In 2018, the first batch of engineering teams arrived at the customer site to start the construction process of the clean workshop, and arrange the equipment to enter the factory.
At the end of 2018, after the clean workshop was basically completed, our first engineer team went to the customer site to start the installation of the water system.
In 2019, due to the workshop of clean parts increased, we delayed arranging the second batch of engineers. Since then, trip has been delayed due to the epidemic. Although the project has not yet completed the final installation and commissioning, we will quickly complete the project after the epidemic is over. It will be served as our model project in Algeria.
In recent years, regard to the communication of equipment and the after-sales service of the first factory, Aligned has been providing vigorous cooperation and strives to achieve the concept of customers.