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The direct sense of “Aligned” is related to “Have made ---in one straight line”.
The extended sense of Aligned is implied as “Mutual benefits, coherence and promptness”.
The outspread implication of “Aligned”:
In terms of Internal perfection of enterprise, it’s followed by “Supply–Manufacture–Technology-Quality control- Warehouse Management–Sales-Aftersales service”
In terms of marketing interaction, it can be explained as “Users–Market–Dealer–Enterprise"
In terms of relations, it can be classified into “Person and Colleagues–Person and Leaders–Person and Clients–Person and Market–Person and Society”.
In general, two points directed in one line, implies to lowest energy consumption in physics, minimum distance in mathematics, conciseness in aesthetics, established concept or truth of short term in philosophic and closest combination.
In English, “Aligned” is probably more related to the final results. But in China, Aligned, indeed approaches to a process: “Human and Human, Human and Unit, Human and Machinery, Human and Society, Human and Nature, Enterprise and Enterprise and Group and Group are a tenor of interactive–Coadjutant–Synergistic–Manually glorious.
Therefore, I desire to express my opinions of endowing “Aligned” with new connotation in Chinese culture:
A:  Ability

L:  Loyalty
I:   Innovation
G:  Glory
N:  Nature
E:   Efficiency
D:  Dedication
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