Dedicated to all business people

"If you feel that your company is not good, you should optimize it; if you feel that the leadership is not good, you should try to improve yourself to be a leader; if you feel that the company's products are not competitive, you should start learning from you for The company makes suggestions and proposes effective solutions! If you feel that your colleagues are harsh and unfriendly, start with you as a kind and helpful employee and influence the people around you; the company has shortcomings, we fix and improve together, instead of blindly swearing , Complain, and even run away!"
"The place where you depend for survival is your company; how you are, the company is like; what you are, the company is what; if you are good, the company will not be bad, and I hope all business people are positive Work hard and you don’t need to be swayed by anyone or anything! Each perform its duties, with a bit of heat and a bit of light, and it will make you like a firefly, and you can also shine a little in the dark without waiting for the torch."
After that, if there is no torch, we are the only light! If there is no brilliance afterwards, we are the only hope!  
The epidemic has been a full year and a half: 780 million people were in debt, hundreds of thousands of companies closed down, a million college students were unemployed, and most companies suffered heavy losses! If you can still receive your monthly salary, please cherish it! Because they took everything silently! Please work hard to create value for yourself and the company!