tablet coater,tablet coating machine,coating machine
tablet coater,tablet coating machine,coating machine
tablet coater,tablet coating machine,coating machine
tablet coater,tablet coating machine,coating machine
tablet coater,tablet coating machine,coating machine

BG-E Series Coating Machine

Model NO.
BG-E Series
The tablet coater is mainly used for the coating of pills and tablet by sugar and films in the pharmaceutical industry, it’s realizes tablet coating by rotating the pot clockwise. During operation, the tablets are turned, rubbed, and grind under the action of the streamlined deflector agitator, which avoids the falling and collision of the tablets from a high place, eliminates debris and edge knocking, and improves the yield. Spray the coating film or syrup with a spray gun to distribute the film or syrup evenly over the entire tablet. At the same time, in the negative pressure state, the gas distribution pipe will introduce hot air, and the hot air will heat the sugar-coated powder, so that the coating medium sprayed on the surface of the tablet can be dried quickly and evenly, thereby forming a layer of firm, fine, smooth, and uniform on the surface of the tablet. 

1.The distance between the spray gun and the coating pan and the spray angle can be adjusted, and the air pressure and flow can be adjusted to fully meet the requirements of different situations.
2.The adjustment lever of the spray gun is marked with a scale to record the adjustment position during production.
3.The coating pan adopts a 2.5mm mesh plate, which effectively allows the hot air to pass through the mesh holes, improves the drying efficiency, and at the same time can discharge the powder generated by the collision of the tablets.
4.Negative pressure can be formed inside the device to prevent the operator from blowing out the powder and being inhaled when the operator opens the door.
5.The doors on both sides of the host adopt an openable structure, which can be opened and closed freely, and the cleaning is convenient and quick. 6.Optional one-way and three-way cleaning systems.
6. Optional one-way and three-way cleaning systems.
7. The pan can option fully perforated or nonperforated on central section.
8. It’s can set the spray rate and spray pattern


Technical parameters

Load capacity L104080150260400600
Rotation speed of coating pan(RPM)1-251-211-191-161-161-131-12
Power of main machine(KW)0.551.
Diameter of coating pan(mm)5007509301200136015801580
Motor of air exhaust cabinet(Kw)0.752.
Air exhaust flow(m³/h)128535175268741974191000015450
Motor power of hot air cabinet(Kw)0.370.751.
Hot air flow(m³/h)816128516852356351752007419
Weight of main machine(kg)2005006841020130015622800
Clean airPressure(mpa)≥0.4Mpa≥0.4Mpa≥0.4Mpa≥0.4Mpa≥0.4Mpa≥0.4Mpa≥0.4Mpa
Air consumption (m³/min)

Machine dimension


Main machine(mm)900*620*18001000*800*19001210*1000*19001570*1260*22501730*1440*24702000*1670*26602000*2277*2660
Hot air cabinet(mm)800*650*1600900*800*2050900*800*20501000*900*23001000*900*2300100*900*23001600*1100*2350
Air exhaust cabinet(mm)800*650*1600820*720*1750900*820*2130950*950*22451050*1050*23301050*1050**23301050*1000*2470
Steam heating power (KW)91014141829
Electric heating power (KW)12243042486179

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