HZD Series Automatic Lifting Bine Blender
HZD Series Automatic Lifting Bine Blender

HZD Series Automatic Lifting Bine Blender

Model NO.
HZD Series
ThePharmaceutical Blender can automatically complete all actions such as lifting, clamping, mixing, and lowering. Equipped with an automatic lifting hopper mixer and multiple mixing hoppers of different specifications, it can meet the mixing requirements of large quantities and multiple varieties. The Pharmaceutical Blender is an ideal equipment for total mixing in pharmaceutical factories. At the same time, the Pharmaceutical Blender widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.
The rotating body forms an angle of 30° with the axis of rotation. The material in the mixing hopper turns with the rotating body and moves tangentially along the wall at the same time, resulting in strong overturning and high-speed tangential movement to achieve the best It adopts PLC fully automatic control, and is equipped with an infrared safety device and a discharge disc valve with an anti-misoperation device to ensure production safety. Materials can pass through different process stages in the same container, without frequent transfer and feeding procedures. Effectively control dust and cross-contamination, reduce material loss, control material stratification, optimize the production process, and fully meet the GMP requirements for pharmaceutical production.
1.Bin blender with the infrared safety device
2.Built-in safety device for field conditions
3.Pharma bin is interchangeable with different specifications
4.Interchangeable bin suitable for various kinds of materials
5.Butterfly valve with safety facility against incorrect operation
6.It is provided with the multiple safety interlocking mechanisms
7.Inner and outer surfaces are all polished to high quality
8.Designed hygienically (utilizes stainless steel for each cover)
9.No dead angle, no cross-contamination and easy to clean


Technical parameters

ModelNet load
Mixing speed
Total power(Kw)Machine size (mm)Weight(T)

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